On this page you can find out more about the people that work for REACH C.I.C.

Our Staff

Liz Williams

Community Enterprise Coordinator/Director

Tel: (01527) 919869

Mob: 07785 514040

Email: liz_reach@outlook.com

Rachel Ind

Children & Families Coordinator/Director

Tel: (01527) 919869

Email: rachel_reach@outlook.com

Neal Williams

Community Development Assistant

Tel: (01527) 919869

Email: neal_reachredditch@outlook.com

Shannon Gawn

Business Development Officer

 Tel: (01527) 919869

Email: shannon_reach@outlook.com 

Jen Thomas

Social Media and Website Support Officer

 Tel: (01527) 919869

Email: jen_reach@outlook.com


Our Directors

Liz Williams -  Rachel Ind